DFG Research Fellow at the School of Mathematics of the University of Leeds

📧 m.vermeeren@leeds.ac.uk


Academic background

I started my studies in mathematics at the KU Leuven in Belgium, my native country. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree there in 2012 I moved to Berlin to enter the graduate program of Berlin Mathematical school. I joined the geometry and mathematical physics research group at the Technische Universität Berlin and obtained a master’s degree (2014) and a doctorate (2018). (The respective theses can be found on the publications page.) Since January 2020 I am a postdoc in the integrable systems group at the University of Leeds, UK.

Research Interests

Integrable systems

  • Variational principles for continuous and discrete integrable systems: pluri-Lagrangian or Lagrangian multiform theory
  • Hierarchies of integrable differential equations as continuum limits of fully discrete equations

(Wondering what this is? You can find an introduction assuming some mathematical background in these slides: What is… an integrable system?)

Geometric numerical integration

  • Backward error analysis for variational integrators
  • Discretization of contact Hamiltonian systems

(Wondering what this is? You can find a light-hearted introduction assuming some mathematical background in these slides: A picture book of geometric numerical integration)

More details

See the list of my publications and the list of talks I’ve given



DFG Research Fellowship: Lagrangian Theory of Integrable Hierarchies: Connections and Applications


SFB Transregio 109: Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics

In particular the projects
B2, Discrete Multidimensional Integrable Systems: Geometry and Algebra (2015-2016)
B4, Discretization as Perturbation: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects (2016-2019)